Improved SARS-COV-2 Tests

We are aiming to create two program lines for testing. One aiming at improving the test strategies for the virus when no antibodies are present yet. Second route is implementing tests that test for the antigens when the virus is gone but immunity is there in case a person has recovered from the virus.

Scalable test for virus

To identify if a person is infected with a virus even before a person is sick it is very important to have a very sensitive, specific and fast test. Most tests around are based on PCR based chemistry. These tests have a proven track record but are quite labor intensive if it comes to the sample prep. Time to result is hours. In the meantime people that have been in contact with this person can continue to spread the virus. The faster the test the less spreading of a virus.

To get the exponential factor of virus spreading down the amount of possible contacts a person has before he or she was diagnosed with the virus the better it is. We need to push R0 < 1.

Scalable test for immunity

Testing for immunity is necessary when a person has been infected in the past but does not carry the virus anymore. It is clear from data from China that in most cases the virus has fully disappeared after about two weeks. The only way to know if this person has been infected by the virus is to test for the antibodies in blood. Two types of antibody’s are required to monitor.

A scalable test that is quick, cheap and has a very low instance of false positives is required to screen the public for immunity.